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Rhodes Porter a Small Business Development Management and Logistics Company provides Entrepreneurs, business, government and institutions solutions to prepare and develop strategic plans to start a business project, manage to scale a business and marketing small business services to grow profitable revenues, and analyze business processes to improve business efficiencies and concepts as well as government contracts for projects/programs


Small Business Development

Business Development and Management
Process Improvement, Strategic Planning, Organizational Effectiveness, Branding/Marketing/Sales, Operations and Feasibility Research and Analysis


Real Estate Development

Buying, Leasing, Selling and/or Investing Real Estate - Market Analysis and Portfolio Strategies Property acquisition, financing, redevelopment and construction advice

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Logistics Management

Process Improvement, Distribution, Supply Chain Management, Fleet and Logistics Consulting and Management

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Customized Strategies to help FOCUS on Small Business Success

The services provided by Rhodes Porter complement Accountants, Attorneys and Bankers. They will often recommend us because we make their lives easier. Not always having time to devote to business development and backend management that the client requires Rhodes Porter steps in. Bankers also welcome our involvement as our associates ensure record keeping and management reporting needed as well as a trusted independent and unbiased view.