About Rhodes-Porter Realty Group

About the Rhodes-Porter Realty Group and What We Do

A career in real estate starts with the basics of helping people buy and sell real estate property. Many agents keep this career and hold at this point, then there is the development and foundation of the Rhodes-Porter Realty Group.

As technology changes and access to massive amounts of information increases there is a need to translate and make the web information relevant to the individual consumer. We are determined to set a higher standard of service and responsibility to our clients through three focuses of real estate as defined  by the National Association of Realtors: REAL ESTATE COUNSELING, REAL ESTATE RESEARCH and REAL ESTATE URBAN DEVELOPMENT.

  • We are in the business of giving customized advice about property and how your purchase or sell decision will effect your goals in the short and long term. Investors and business owners realize the value of expert advice in developing property, improving investments and  income. The Rhodes-Porter Realty Group consultants are sought out when they want answers to these real estate questions. We extend our knowledge in every phase of the real estate business to advise in every consultation about personal and income opportunities and productive uses of different kinds of properties.
  •  We all depend on data provided by research. National Association of Realtors divide research into two main categories — physical and economic. Physical research means studying buildings and structures of all types, especially in terms of the selection and efficient use of construction materials. Economic research consists of determining reliable answers to questions like “How many people hope to buy homes next year?” “What will it cost them to borrow mortgage money?” and “What percentage of the nation’s homes are sub-standard?”
  • We continue to try to improve our environment and the quality of people’s lives by working with local governments and other civic groups to anticipate their city’s future growth. Using our expertise in the market propose physical changes to accommodate this growth.

If you would like more information about the Rhodes-Porter Realty Group call 706-373-1200 or email info@rhodes-porter.com


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