About Rhodes Porter

Team Concept

Rhodes Porter is a performance improvement and business management logistics company. Our services provide clear analysis, resulting in increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of our client’s strategies, processes, and systems geared toward minimizing client risk. Our senior member leverages her Public Administration Degree from Augusta University and 20 years of business and construction management consulting with Field Experienced  Veterans, Accountants, Logistics Strategists and Attorneys who are trained Architects, Certified Project Management Professionals (PMP), Certified and Academically credentialed.

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Cynthia Rhodes

Ms Cynthia is responsible for the full scope of small business management and government consulting. She has a keen ability to create revenue plans and strategies to obtain capital. The strategist of the Rhodes Porter team, Cynthia Rhodes develops business development programs, as well as the outreach and training needed to strengthen and improve opportunities for eligible small businesses and public-private partnerships for government contract projects.

Enjoys full days of Golf, the water and time with her grandchildren 

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Ralph Porter

Ralph is responsible for logistics operations. He consults in transportation and agriculture business supply. A United States Marine, service-disabled veteran, Ralph provides detailed coordination of process and warehouse distribution. He has over 25 years of experience in fleet maintenance and management, agricultural commodity hauling and logistics timing improvement.

Enjoys full days of traveling and good games of football

Our Team

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Our Goal

Rhodes Porter team is here to help entrepreneurs, plan, start, manage, scale to grow small businesses and government projects/programs. Our mission is to provide executive support and leverage technology to provide to our small business and government clients with reasonable rates while partnering with them to ensure their success in achieving their goals and carrying out their organizational missions.

The Rhodes Porter team accomplishes this by carefully analyzing the client needs from the start of every project. We focus and apply our resources to meet these needs and hire the most qualified contractors to fit the client’s requirement. Rhodes Porter manages to ensure its entire workforce is trained and fully equipped to be fully capable to deliver and operate the best efficient product and service efficiently to suit our clients’ project of any size, schedule and complexity on time and within budget.


We are always looking for potential partners who’s experience and capabilities can complement and enhance our own. If you are interested in learning more about partnering with Rhodes porter, please click to fill out a brief form and a representative from our Business Development team will reach out soon.