About Rhodes Porter

As a business development and logistics management company offering technical support for implementing and executing the strategic plan of business organizations. Rhodes Porter services provide activation resulting in increased effectiveness and efficiency. The strategies, execution processes, and systems create a roadmap towards scalable growth opportunities, capacity building and performance improvement.

Rhodes Porter is known most for project management – executing strategic plans and implementing process improvement solutions for complex problems. The Rhodes Porter capabilities provide technical assistance toward decisive actions and achievable goals to small business, non-profit and government departments.

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Mission and Goal

The Rhodes Porter mission is to drive growth and fuel economic opportunities for small business in local communities. Our goal is to be the choice consultancy for strategic growth and community development throughout business organizations and government projects/programs. Our vision is to provide the necessary technical support to implement and execute, leveraging technology aligned with human capital to accelerate strategic plan success

Team Concept

Rhodes Porter senior management leverages years of field experience in business development, logistics and construction management. The company is built with consultant associates who are trained Architects, Certified Project Management Professionals (PMP), Certified and Academically credentialed aligned with resource partners of Bankers, Accountants, Attorneys and Insurance Bonding professionals that ensures a full implementation and execution of strategic and development plans.

The Rhodes Porter team approach to project management carefully analyzes the client needs from the start of every project. We focus our methodology and apply our resources to meet these needs hiring the most qualified team members to fit the client’s requirement. Rhodes Porter solutions ensure its entire workforce is trained and fully equipped with the capacity to deliver and operate the best efficient product and service efficiently to suit our clients’ project of any size, schedule and complexity on time and within budget.

Our Team

Cynthia Rhodes

Ms Cynthia the developer of “The Business Box” concept, is responsible for the full scope of business management and government consulting. She has a keen ability to create revenue generating development plans and strategies to increase access to capital. The strategist of the Rhodes Porter team, Cynthia Rhodes develops and leads the execution of business development programs. She implements outreach and training needed to strengthen and improve opportunities for eligible small businesses and public-private partnerships for government contract projects.

Enjoys full days of Golf, the water and time with her grandchildren 

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Ralph Porter

Ralph is responsible for logistics operations. He consults in transportation and agriculture business supply chain management. A United States Marine, service-disabled veteran, Ralph provides detailed coordination of process, transportation and warehouse distribution. He has over 30 years of experience in fleet maintenance, route management, agricultural commodity hauling and logistics scheduling improvement.

Enjoys full days of traveling and good games of football


Government Projects


Proposal Data Specialist


Finance and Supply/Inventory




Creative Design

We are always looking for potential partners who’s experience and capabilities can complement and enhance our own. If you are interested in learning more about partnering with Rhodes porter, please click to fill out a brief form and a representative from our Business Development team will reach out soon.