Buying a Home from a Builder Agent is Like Buying at a Candy Store

Candy Store MarieletseatWho has your best interest at heart when you are looking at a new home like a child in a candy store.
We get the phrase “I am getting my home built” all the time from homebuyers that want to give impression of exclusivity and hierarchy. In reality what they are saying, I am getting a prebuilt home from a subdivision builder in a planned community. They are having the luxury of picking out exterior colors, interior floorplans, flooring and countertop options, how exciting.

When you ride into a subdivision the agent represents or is an employee of the builder. They have hours as a candy store clerk. They have no problem showing you all of the available homes because they have shop hours and most are idle until you decide to get out and walk in the model home. The builder agent’s job then is to entice you with all of the attractive designs and floorplans.

As, soon as you are wowed enough, it is time to start the paperwork. The builder agent will ask to qualify you with financing from a mortgage lender or even go as far as giving you an additional incentive or bonus if you use the builder’s preferred lender.

Now that the builder agent has your highest available loan amount and available liquid funds for a down payment, the builder agent can take the eye-catching design and floorplan that you fell in love with and tweak it to fit your loan approval amount.
So, not only does the candy store clerk have your emotional tie to a particular home, but now they have your credit card limit with no one to prevent you from making mistakes, decisions or spending too much!

Rhodes-Porter Realty Group is not opposed to consumers buying new construction homes, we are opposed to you not being represented by a qualified Realtor that has your best interest at heart.

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