Business Development and Management CASE STUDIES

Proven Processes to Increase Business Revenues and Performance

Rhodes Porter helps increase Sales Profitability and Operational Efficiency for Small Business Entrepreneurs to Attract and Access Capital Loans to scale and grow. We also provide government projects/programs support services for optimal performance. NAICS 541611 SIC 8742

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Administrative Consulting – EXPLORE the possibility to expand business opportunities from commercial contracting to government contracting  

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Marketing Consulting – IDENTIFYING and DEVELOPING a targeted audience marketing campaign to increase sales of a stagnant inventory product  

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Case study

Business/Program Development – DEVELOPING a program and DESIGNING a Joint Public/Private Partnership program with special focus on quality training and risk prevention 

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Logistics Management Consulting – 

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Business/Program Development – 

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Construction Management Consulting –

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Business/Feasibility Consulting – DISCOVERING the feasibility of operating, technically incorporating, and financially executing a business plan 

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Marketing Consulting

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Organization and Strategy Consulting