Looking to add value to your home by renovating?

Remodeling your home can be a big investment – in both time and money – so it is important to choose projects wisely. According to an October 2015 survey by the National Association of REALTORS®, the following projects are going to be your best bets for attracting buyers when you decide to sell: Kitchen Renovation[…]


et al meaning

Have you ever seen property tax records or court documents that say; DOE, JOHN & ETAL? Well, who exactly is ETAL? ETAL is not A person it is usually multiple people or entities. This abbreviation is used in property & tax records showing that there are more owners of a property. et al. – meaning– and[…]

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Standard Georgian – Residential Home Styles

Standard Georgian – Residential Home Styles The standard Georgian residential style home is known for symmetry with a five opening fenestration. This would consist of five windows or a door and two windows on either side. When the Georgian home is smaller in scale there may only be three openings in a row, door and a window on[…]

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Philadelphia Georgian – Residential Home Styles

The Philadelphia Georgian residential style home was originated in the 1700’s. The most elaborate houses in the Colonies were built in Philadelphia. Most were of masonry construction and quite ambitious in scale. This particular Philadelphia Georgian style home was built of brick, a Spanish Tiled Hip roof and embellished with stucco to resemble finished stone.[…]

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School’s Team Will Retroactively Lose All Games Actually Won During the Season

Listen how the school’s team will retroactively lose all games actually won during the season with an ineligibly zoned player. When a student athlete is found out of zone it hurts the student as well as the school. Moving your child to another school zone should be for academic reasons not athletics. There are programs in[…]

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The Talk about Augusta Housing Violations as Reported

The Talk about Augusta Housing Violations as reported by Augusta, Georgia’s main source for news coverage. This is the story that was published by the Augusta Chronicle. The same meeting in which the Rhodes Porter Posts wrote the article titled “Don’t Blame the Section 8 Tenants, Blame the Homeowner” City holds talks on housing violation ‘disconnect’[…]

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Down Payment Assistance for Protectors, Educators, and Nurses

PEN gives up to $7,500 in Down Payment Assistance for Protectors, Educators, and Nurses. This assistance offers No Interest and No Monthly Payments the assistance is repaid at the sale or refinance of the home. What Rhodes Porter Realty Group likes about this program is that it is not just for home buyers that are[…]

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