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Standard Georgian – Residential Home Styles

Standard Georgian – Residential Home Styles The standard Georgian residential style home is known for symmetry with a five opening fenestration. This would consist of five windows or a door and two windows on either side. When the Georgian home is smaller in scale there may only be three openings in a row, door and a window on[…]

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School’s Team Will Retroactively Lose All Games Actually Won During the Season

Listen how the school’s team will retroactively lose all games actually won during the season with an ineligibly zoned player. When a student athlete is found out of zone it hurts the student as well as the school. Moving your child to another school zone should be for academic reasons not athletics. There are programs in[…]

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Do you Stay in a neighborhood or Live in a neighborhood?

When you move into a neighborhood do you stay there or do you live in the neighborhood? The difference is your involvement within the community that you are now a stakeholder of. It is not all about where you live. It Is about what you do in the place where you live.  When you choose[…]

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How much house you can really afford may not be what you think

How much house you can really afford may not be what you think   No one plans to default on a mortgage the first year they purchase a home; however, 2 out of every 10 home buyers with FHA insured loans default within the first year of purchase based on Neighborhood Watch data provided by HUD.[…]

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Does the seller pay closing cost for the home buyer?

  Closing cost can cost the homebuyer around 3.5% of the purchase price, but it is not mandatory for the seller to pay closing cost for the home buyer. Often times the first time home buyer has the thought that it is customary for the seller to pay for all or a minimum of 3%[…]

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Real Estate is Changing with the Trulia Zillow merger

  Real Estate is changing with the Trulia Zillow merger. As a Rhodes Porter real estate broker, I called this a couple of years ago. As when we started this website, the real estate web designer asked why I did not want the traditional real estate listings on the website. Truthfully, a single real estate[…]

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Why won’t my agent show me a home I found on online

“My agent does not want to show me a house I found online.” These are the words often heard from clients right before the broker/client relationship is severed. As a buyer’s agent, it is the agent’s fiduciary responsibility to not waste time on properties that are not in the best interest of the client. Where a[…]

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