Economics trumps Lavish Homes Rhodes Porter Realty

Economics Trump Lavish Homes

    During the housing boom many buyers were looking for homes that were lavish sized, knockout exterior appearances when purchasing, even if the amenities do not bring a return when they are ready to sell. Buyers now are looking not just for space but useful more economical, energy efficient space with well designed floor[…]

Candy Store Marieletseat

Buying a Home from a Builder Agent is Like Buying at a Candy Store

Who has your best interest at heart when you are looking at a new home like a child in a candy store. We get the phrase “I am getting my home built” all the time from homebuyers that want to give impression of exclusivity and hierarchy. In reality what they are saying, I am getting[…]

Rhodes Porter Realty Group Medical students first time home buyers rhodes porter luxury

First Time Home Buyers are Pushed Out of the Market

First Time Home Buyer are being pushed out of the Market More of the first time home buyer are in their 20s and 30s, but why are they not pushing the market as before. Wall Street Journal published that the 2013 economy is down 10% with first time buyers. Why is this? There could be[…]

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