Economics Trump Lavish Homes


Economics trumps Lavish Homes Rhodes Porter Realty


During the housing boom many buyers were looking for homes that were lavish sized, knockout exterior appearances when purchasing, even if the amenities do not bring a return when they are ready to sell.

Buyers now are looking not just for space but useful more economical, energy efficient space with well designed floor plans. Second staircases are being removed for more storage areas and mud rooms are replaced by craft rooms and office/homework space.

Many buyers are now seeing that smaller homes can be highly insulated and more energy efficient without skimming on essential space or rooms.
With four equal sized exterior walls and a hip roof design, box homes are more economical for the builder. Although, with these types of home designs buyers are quickly learning that bigger is not always better.

20 ft ceilings that look grand when you walk in, now buyers are thinking economical. How am I going to heat and cool this area when I move in. The upstairs foyer now looks more like wasted space or a large hallway to past through. Home builders are adding multi-function rooms to the floorplans to accommodate the new family dynamics.

Which are you going choose for your next family move, economics or lavish?