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Process Development

Process and Distribution Management is essential to the fulfillment of customer sales. The efficient and effective flow of goods and services through a well functioning supply chain has a direct impact on the business financial bottom line. The Rhodes Porter methodology strategically aligns the Process, the Market and the Communication of Information to increase business organization production and profitability.

Rhodes Porter focuses on the development of efficient supply chain operations and optimizes the process of human capital, equipment, transportation, scheduling, warehousing and inventory control management.

For service business organizations Rhodes Porter focuses on building operational performance that standardizes revenue producing activities and tasks based on effectively executed goals of the strategic plan.

Logistics Strategy Management

Aligning sales, marketing and logistics to generate revenue, enhance communication and effectively fulfill orders creates the supply chain within the Rhodes Porter concept called the Business Box

Logistics is the foundation of supply chain management. Building a clear logistics strategy tips the scale of the production of revenue through products and services against effective efficient costs to provide those same products and services. It is also equally important to account for assets and inventory that allow for safe, transparent production and delivery of business goods and services.

Logistics Management allows on-going measurement of key performance indicators around business processes and workflows for continuous improvement within the overall organization.

Transportation Freight Management

The word “carrier” refers to all Transportation Service Providers (TSPs), including Common (FAK), Brokers, Logistics Companies, and Surface Forwarders. Shipping freight has increased in all types of small business and government projects. Rhodes Porter can help ship full truck loads across the states. Are you a reliable carrier driver looking to book loads and tired of the same Load Boards? Rhodes Porter is always looking for independent contractors and owner operators with and without a truck to haul freight for clients to build just-in-time capacity. 

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