No More Real Estate Agent Door Openers

keyless entry video doorbell doorbot Rhodes-Porter Realty

Real Estate agents have been seen as glorified door openers by multiple generations of home buyers and home sellers. What can we say now that technology has caught up. A homeowner can remotely open a house for sale with a push of a cellphone button. Not only can they open the door, but with the new Doorbot, allows a homeowner to visually see who is at the door and unlock the door using its partner Lockitron.

Technology has been altering the real estate business since the age of the web, but agents have been operating virtually the same. Real Estate brokers have come from an actual book of homes listed for sale, where agents would have to physically go to each broker to find out what homes were listed with the company. Then, to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), the internet portal for agents to see what the companies have listed, without even knowing where the Listing broker’s office is located. Now we have tools such as Realtors Property Resource website that allows you to see all properties for sale no matter what city or state.

With all the agent technology sharing of homes listed for sale, home buyers and home sellers are able to see basically the same information agents see using sites like Trulia and Zillow. The only difference between the agent and the non-agent is door access. So, if the home sellers decide they can open the door for clients themselves using the Doorbot application without being at the house, what is to become of the glorified real estate agent door opener?

There must be another reason why home buyers and home sellers use real estate agents besides showing what houses are currently for sale and opening doors.




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