Philadelphia Georgian – Residential Home Styles

The Philadelphia Georgian residential style home was originated in the 1700’s. The most elaborate houses in the Colonies were built in Philadelphia. Most were of masonry construction and quite ambitious in scale. This particular Philadelphia Georgian style home was built of brick, a Spanish Tiled Hip roof and embellished with stucco to resemble finished stone.

Typically Georgian details include a Palladian window in the center of the pedimented pavilion and Doric pilasters flanking the doorway. Above the doorway is a Fine fanlight*.

Philadelphia Georgian home styles-yr 1762 -A.G Smith- Rhodes Porter Realty Group
The Economics of this Augusta Home:
4300 Sqft
Estimated Cost: $800,000
Taxes: $900 mo
Total avg*: $4300 a month with a 4% interest rate

Architectural Home Style Terms:

Greek order architectural style aparthaneon Rhodes Porter Realty Group

Palladian Window – a large window consisting of a central arched section flanked by two narrow rectangular sections

Pediment – a triangular area on the face of a building below the roof, above an entrance

Pavilion – porch or entrance

Doric –one of Three ancient Greek or classical architectural orders most recognized by its simple circular capitals at the top of columns

Pilasters – nothing more than a column cut in half and then placed against the wall. It is not a load-bearing

Fine- of high quality

*Partial text by: A.G. Smith, The American House Styles of Architecture, 1983

*Total avg is not the actual amount a month ever loan is different. Speak with lender for specific amount

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