Real Estate is Changing with the Trulia Zillow merger


Real Estate is changing with the Trulia Zillow merger. As a Rhodes Porter real estate broker, I called this a couple of years ago. As when we started this website, the real estate web designer asked why I did not want the traditional real estate listings on the website. Truthfully, a single real estate company can not compete with Trulia or Zillow portals.

I feel sorry for the real estate agents that use the business as a hobby or for those that rose one morning saying…I can do that job, I can be a real estate agent. This merger of Trulia and Zillow is going to do what Expedia did to travel agents  and Scottrade/Ameritrade did to the investment brokers. Yes, the masses will make transactions via the web, however those that understand the value of forecasted information and a real estate professional will use the traditional methods of expanding their net worth through real estate.

This Trulia Zillow merger will increase the need for more real estate attorneys, mediators and other legal trades because of  website functionality disputes, poor real estate purchases and dispute in the real estate purchase contract fulfillment.

Oh yes, the way we buy and sell  real estate is changing with the Trulia Zillow merger.




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