Sell your house without a real estate agent

Yes, you read right! You can sell your house without a real estate agent. As a Realtor, it is sometimes hard the understand why someone would want to take on the task, but true enough many people do sell their home themselves successfully.

Here are some questions  to ask yourself for sale by ownerjust in case you are thinking of selling your house without a professional real estate agent:

1. Are the homes in my neighborhood selling and how fast?

2. What are the houses selling for in my immediate area?

3. Do I owe more than the other houses are selling for?

4. Am I able to ask the right questions to potential buyers to make sure they are able to buy?

5. Am I ready to let strangers in my home to view?

6. Do I know how to market my home to effectively find a qualified buyer?

7. Is there a fee based agency that will allow me to market my home on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service)?

8. Do I have all of the mandatory forms and disclosures needed to legally close the deal without problems?

9. Am I prepared to pay for any repairs, closing costs or real estate fees if the buyer is represented by a professional?

10. What happens if my house does not sell?

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