Standard Georgian – Residential Home Styles

Standard Georgian – Residential Home Styles

simple Georgian 20160809_115751 Rhodes Porter Realty GroupThe standard Georgian residential style home is known for symmetry with a five opening fenestration. This would consist of five windows or a door and two windows on either side. When the Georgian home is smaller in scale there may only be three openings in a row, door and a window on each side.

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Most Georgian homes were built of brick masonry. This standard Georgian style home was built of brick and a shingled Hip roof. This home simple or standard Georgian with the cornice with dentils above the pavilion and Doric columns the entrance. The Georgian home also includes a dormer in the center increasing space for the interior.


The Economics of this Home:
3000 Sqft
Estimated Cost: $400,000
Taxes: $400 mo
Total avg $2400 a month with a 4% interest rate*


Architectural Home Style Terms:

Palladian Window – a large window consisting of a central arched section flanked by two narrow rectangular sections

Dentils – small tooth-like block used as a repeating ornament in the bedmould of a cornice.

Bedmould – similar to crown moulding it is part of the cornice used to cover the joint between the ceiling and wall.

Cornice – an ornamental molding around the wall of a room just below the ceiling

Pavilion – porch or entrance

Fenestration – the arrangement of windows and doors on the elevations of a building

Doric –one of Three ancient Greek or classical architectural orders most recognized by its simple circular capitals at the top of columns

Pilasters – nothing more than a column cut in half and then placed against the wall. It is not a load-bearing

Fine- of high quality

Dormer – a roofed structure, often containing a window, that projects vertically beyond the plane of a pitched roof, commonly used to increase the usable space in a loft and to create window openings in a roof plane.


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