Business Development Logistics Management Consultancy

Rhodes Porter | business development logistics management consulting develops solutions to complex problems for business organizations and government agencies helping leaders stay focused.

Key strategy technical assistance: Business Development, Project Management, Strategic Plan and Process Improvement to include Communications, Marketing, Administrative Supportive Services, and Community Engagement for Government agencies, DBE and Small Business #Entrepreneurs to attract access to capital and increase the local economic opportunity

Rhodes Porter Commitment to Drive Business Growth and Fuel Economic Opportunity

The Rhodes Porter process works because our clients do stay focused. We work with industry professionals, particularly accountants, attorneys, bankers and marketing firms to drive growth and fuel opportunity.

The services we provide complement rather than replace the services of regulatory compliance professionals as described in the Business Box concept. In many ways, they will often refer our services for the fact that we make their lives easier as they cannot always devote the time to the business development and backend logistics management that the client requires. Bankers also welcome our involvement as our associates ensure proper recordkeeping and management reporting as well as a trusted independent and objective view.