The Problem is not Closet Space it is Closet Organization


Closet space is usually a huge Factor in the Home Buying Process; however most of the time, it is not the space it is the organization of the existing space.Rhodes Porter Realty Group closets home buyers closets packed CLOSET REALITY ORGANIZATION MAKES THE BIGGEST IMACT

What woman wouldn’t want a closet to look like a designer retail shop when she walks in? Reality for the average home buyer is that there are three types of closets that you will choose from Reach-In, Walk-In, and Custom. Still, most closets are only bare walls with mesh and wire racks or maybe a bar or two to hang your clothes on unless you consider a custom closet.

The fact is, your closets should be designed by you and how you organize your clothes. There has been countless of times we walk through homes to
see closets where the clothes are just on the floor in piles, hanger hung clothes squeezed on rods, and shoes mismatched in a corner. No, organization at all.

Rhodes Porter Realty Group closets home buyers empty reach-in closet BEFORE AND AFTERClosets can be changed. We found a website by Closet Maid that will allow you to design your closet as it is or you can call a professional to help design and build your new closet.

Before you decide to discount a home because of closet space or feel your house doesn’t have enough closet space contact the Rhodes Porter Realty Group – Pre-Decision agents. 706-373-1200 or email