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Rhodes Porter customized Strategies to help FOCUS on Performance Success

The services provided by Rhodes Porter complement Accountants, Attorneys and Bankers. They will often recommend us because we make their lives easier. Not always having time to devote to business development and backend management that the client requires Rhodes Porter steps in. Bankers welcome our involvement as our associates ensure record keeping and management reporting needed as well as a trusted independent and unbiased view.

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Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners who are ready to plan, start, manage to scale a product or business


Project Managers, Administrators, Procurement and Contracting Officers –   Request a Quote, Proposal or Qualifications

Real Estate

Investor Acquisitions, Market analysis/feasibility studies, Speculation and Construction Management, Developers


Architects, Fleet Managers, Logistics Administrators, Acquisition and Warehouse Officers, Owner-Operators 

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can expect high levels of candid, yet professional written and verbal communication. 

Rhodes Porter is a performance improvement and management consulting company. Change is never easy. Expect the use of proven methodologies, innovative technology and clear analysis of data to increase business effectiveness and efficiency of our client strategies, processes and systems geared around minimizing risk.

Rhodes Porter utilizes Federal/State/Local procurement laws, certifications, regulations, policies and procedures to advise you on your business opportunities

With our partners and as your consultant we assist you to recruit, train, educate and develop business opportunities to work with the government or prime contractors 

Funding is a vital part of operating a project/program/business. Rhodes Porter consults with its clients to assist in the ability to gain access and obtain capital funding.

With our partnerships, we committed to helping clients build necessary financial capital

The most important part of starting a business is clearly Identifying and Validating the concept. Contacting Rhodes Porter will initiate the business planning process.

Each product, project and business is unique. Rhodes Porter will work with the stakeholders and key designated personnel to determine and agree on the Statement of Work

Our business model is based on building partnerships, evaluable referrals and our reputation for giving results. Rhodes Porter prides itself in our clients success, high levels of confidentially, and integrity.